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Workspaces Overview

Workspace is either your private or shared space for managing graphics files and coin transactions.

Private and Own Workspaces

There is always one Private workspace for each user account. Additional workspaces can be created depending on the user licence - Individual and Business licences allow you to create one workspace, and Enterprise allows unlimited workspaces.

Coins and Transactions

Transactions are available for every own workspace (i.e. one that is not private). Each workspace has a starting value of 5 coins when it is created. Additional coins can be earned through the sale of graphics in the store.


You can add other workspace members to share and collaborate on different graphics. These members have different roles:

  • Owner - The user that created the workspace has full rights to manage the workspace. He or she can manage the workspace and its members, view, and trade coins, and delete the workspace.
  • Admin - An Admin has the right to manage the workspace, and its members, view and perform coin transactions. The Admin cannot delete the workspace.
  • Collaborator - A collaborator has the right to create and access workspace graphics files. The Collaborator cannot manage the workspace, and its members or access transactions.

With a Business licence, you can add one additional member to your own workspace; with an Enterprise licence, you can add unlimited members to each of your workspaces.