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Release date: 09.05.2024

Release notes - Tweenly - 1.7.0

Features and bug fixes


  • Translate object in fixed direction
  • Improve object(s) border
  • Add frame rate
  • Replace font weight, font style, text align, direction and text transform selects with button groups
  • Hide background size, position and repeat from image tools
  • Disable own workspace option selection when expired license
  • Optimalization for timeline animations
  • Fix duplicated objects naming
  • Refresh “more menu” in top navbar
  • Fix showing actual version in version history
  • Fix object move up/down

Multi-selected objects

  • Wrap multi-selected objects, support draggable translation
  • Add proportional resizing
  • Multi-selected objects bulk actions – set width, height, or average value
  • Prevent child multi-selection when parent is already selected
  • Multi-select objects only with ctrl/cmd key

Image object

  • Replace image source in image object
  • Replace backgroundImage with
  • Update setImage and setImages scripts to update image source
  • Don’t remove graphics images after saving; remove them after graphics deletion instead
  • Images should not have child objects
  • Show percentage status of uploading images

Image sequence object

  • Image sequence object – load and initialize images on timeline
  • Image sequence object – show and edit images on timeline
  • Image sequence object – show & hide tween
  • Image sequence export
  • Image sequence import
  • Recalculate image sequence duration when fps is changed
  • Add loading when uploading image(s) or exporting html/package
  • Image sequence thumbnails
  • Add image sequence in object pop-up menu