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Tweenly is a broadcasting animation tool designed to empower creators in crafting and sharing captivating broadcasting graphics. It caters to a diverse audience, aiming to simplify graphical content creation for small broadcasters, TV channel providers, and graphic designers.


  • HTML & JS Editor: The Editor allows users to create hierarchical structures of rectangles, texts, and images, with styling via a user-friendly WYSIWYG interface. Users can animate objects using predefined animations managed on a single timeline, adjusting parameters like opacity, start-time, duration, and easing types.

  • Gallery: Graphics are organized within workspaces, offering categorization and filter options (status, author, text search). Each graphic card showcases a thumbnail, title, author, creation date, and status icons. Detailed information includes descriptions, tags, and animation previews.

  • Shared Workspaces: Users collaborate within workspaces, granting members access to stored graphics. Upgraded licenses enable the creation of multiple workspaces, facilitating collaborative projects.

  • Graphics Store: Users can publish graphics to the Store, setting prices in virtual coins (free or 1-5 coins) for others to purchase.