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Release date: 12.01.2024


  • Objects multi-selection and bulk actions

    • Add objects multi-selection via objects tree
    • Add objects multi-selection via canvas
    • Add context menu for multiple objects selected
  • Object(s) aligning

    • Add multiple objects aligning
    • Add single object aligning
    • Add objects spacing distribution
  • Activate ‘Fit’ option when opening Editor for the first time in new Account

  • Add some space around canvas for ‘Fit’ property

  • Add ‘Delete’ graphics action to More menu in Editor

  • Hide image from rectangle background options

  • Create general hero banner, change for holiday wish on login/signup pages and web

Bug fixes

  • Don’t close animation tools when unselecting animation(s)
  • Move canvas with ‘space’ + dragging even when some object is selected
  • Fix url in wizard